Monday, September 28, 2009

#1 Reason to Visit Glen Ivy in the Fall Finalists

Congratulations to our finalists for the "#1 Reason to Visit Glen Ivy in the Fall" contest! The winner will receive a "Day in Paradise" which includes two complimentary spa admissions, a 50 minute Glen Ivy facial, a 50 minute Swedish massage, and a few Glen Ivy products to enjoy at home. What a perfect way to enjoy the season!

The finalists are......

Finalist #1 Let me say this, when you need a vacation or a reason to get out of town - this is it! And it was really out of town because we went to the one in Corona (we live in Fullerton). So let me say this, a #1 reason to go to your spa resort in the fall would be: Summer just ended, school and work start on a regular schedule again and it is an absolute reason to give yourself a start to the new season--Caroline B.

Finalist #2 Fall is my favorite time of year, and Glen Ivy is one of my favorite places on earth. There is no better way for me to enjoy that first really crisp fall day than to slip into the warm, soothing hot springs at Glen Ivy and enjoy both the crisp day and the warm, healing water at the same time!--Robin B.

Finalist #3 There are several good reasons for visiting Glen Ivy in the Fall like the weather is still warm in the early months. The drive is a reasonable distance from my home, not too close where it feels like I’m not really “AWAY” yet close enough to get home in time to make dinner or pick up the kiddies. My favorite reason though, has to be the calming effects of the spa itself. Summer is over and the craziness is back, getting up early, getting three kids ready and off to school, the craziness of my work schedule and the planning for the holidays that are sure to be busy and stressful. When you get to the spa, it’s a different world. For a moment in time there is a slowing down. The scenery is that of relaxing and it feels like you’re far away on a vacation someplace remote, maybe an island in the Caribbean or a beach resort. All week, your objective is doing for others, but this is the one moment in time, where the objective is YOU… so quite honestly whether it’s the spring, summer or fall, it’s always a great place to find peace and serenity in this chaotic place, also known as LIFE.--Bridget P.

Finalist #4 The number one best reason to visit Glen Ivy in the fall is it's like the calm before the storm with holidays just around the corner it gives me a much needed break to clear my mind, relax my body before planning for family dinners, gift shopping, and taking the kids trick or treating. The end of the year can get stressful so Glen Ivy is the perfect place to take a one day break from it all!!--Autumn R.

Finalist #5 Every part of Glen Ivy helps me keep my Fall cool: The mineral springs make all my physical parts happy while giving my sometimes unsteady emotions a break. (Glen ivy is single handedly responsible for a significant drop in my road rage!) Lying by the pool sipping a Peach Belini, and recognizing the unique smell of Fall breezing through my hair, helps me get my Zen on. Next, I use the Mineral Mud as my own private therapy session: slopping my problems on, watching them turn to dust, then briskly exfoliating them like you would unwanted sand from the beach. I feel like a little kid playing in the mud while wearing my white dress and not caring if my mom finds me. It's very freeing. Not to mention, in the fall, you kind of match the turning leaves. And there's more! The food is my next stop. The Glen Ivy menu borders on perfection since it tastes like comfort food, yet is amazingly healthy. Ahhh, if only Glen Ivy were open on Thanksgiving! Lastly, I hit every pool and hot tub on the premises’ to solidify the relaxation I have achieved. I prefer the cooler weather: quickly scurrying from tub to tub before getting chilled, clutching a towel in one hand and some bubbly in the other. I am stress free for a few weeks! Or at least until I have to start my holiday shopping.--Lara S.

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