Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Memorable, Meaningful and Enjoyable Experience

Here at Glen Ivy we know how lucky we are to have such amazing guests. Serving you and sharing in your experiences is what makes us happy and excited to come to work so we make it our goal to inspire memorable, meaningful and enjoyable experiences in everyone, every day. It is because of this mission that I wanted to share a letter that a guest sent to us describing her recent visit.

Good morning Meghann,

As you know, we kicked off our time together at Glen Ivy on Tuesday, October 27th and were celebrating a surprise cabana party for my Uncle Ricco's birthday.

We experienced a courteous reception at the front desk and a smooth escort with attentive care from James. From the surprise for my Uncle Ricco and Aunt Westlynn to the exquisite roof top accommodations, ALL of us were absolutely titillated with joy, thanksgiving, and appreciation.

Again, to the entire crew at Glen Ivy, you made the visit for our family and friends from far and near a happy lifelong memory. In fact, when another friend arrived from North Carolina days later, the raves about Glen Ivy persuaded some of the "cabana party" to return the following Monday.

Glen Ivy is truly my personal little paradise which I call the "Emerald Jewel of the Inland Empire." I simply love introducing and encouraging my friends and family to partake in the 'near fantasy' world of birds of paradise, exotic greenery, exfoliating, soothing mud, soothing water, and competent customer service providers that are enriched with new offerings and impeccable cleanliness. I could go on and on!

With sincere appreciation,
Sheila M.

Thank you to all of our fans who continue to show their dedication and support to Glen Ivy. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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