Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Twas the Day Before Christmas at Glen Ivy

Twas the Day Before Christmas at Glen Ivy

Twas the Day before Christmas and all through the spa,
I took a walk around and here's what I saw.
The towels were laid out on the lounge chairs with care,
With everyone laid on them donned in their swimwear.

Some guests were soaking or getting facials instead,
While visions of red clay mud danced in their heads.
Their faces were glowing with happiness and glee,
Hoping to find a Glen Ivy gift card under their tree.

They all knew Santa was well on his way,
But still stopped for a snack at the Cafe Sole.

Then all of a sudden what did we hear?
That he had just landed with all his reindeer.

As he jumped from his sleigh he looked at his list,

Who should get their gifts first? Maybe a massage therapist.
There weren't any chimneys but Santa didn't fuss,
We'll still all get a gift, every last one of us.

He stopped at each building and the Salon for a minute,
Emptying his sack and everything in it.
Meanwhile, the reindeer wanted increased circulation,
By the end of their visit it was like a two week vacation!

Before he departed he wanted a treat,
So he got a massage (focusing on his feet).
After some Paradise Tea he went on his way,
Exclaiming "Happy Spalidays to all, I wish I could stay!"

HAPPY SPALIDAYS to you and yours from all of us here at Glen Ivy!


  1. You guys rock! I hope you have a wonderful holiday. We follow you on Twitter and enjoy your posts.

  2. this was adorable i loved it <3 merry christmas!!