Monday, April 12, 2010

Glen Ivy Poetry Contest

April is not only Stress Awareness Month, but also National Poetry Month! How is Glen Ivy celebrating you ask? Since writing helps to reduce stress and allows for better sleep, we thought we would combine the two while giving you a chance to win some passes to Glen Ivy Hot Springs!

Whether you choose to write a haiku, couplet, acrostic, or limerick, we're giving you creative freedom! The only requirements are that your poem must:

-be 100 words or less
-contain ALL of the following words: Spa, Stress, and Glen Ivy

Submit all entries to by 10:00 a.m on Friday, April 16. The winner, and their poem, will be announced that afternoon. The winning poet will receive two complimentary spa admissions and lunch for two!

So grab a pen or pencil, tap into your creativity, and start writing! Who knows, maybe you're a poet and you just don't know it!!

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