Friday, February 13, 2009

Whatsa Watsu

Most people that have experienced Watsu massage find it to be “blissfully relaxing,” but for those who haven’t had the pleasure yet, I sat down with Janelle Muse, our Watsu therapist here at Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa, to get a better understanding of this new, unique massage that we now offer here at the Hot Springs.

K: Can you give us a better idea of what Watsu is?

J: Well, it’s hard to put into words - experiencing it is the best! But at its simplest level, it’s a floating, liquid massage. The aquatic practitioner supports you comfortably in warm, body temperature water, usually ranging from 96-98ºF. Your muscles are then massaged, your joints mobilized, tissues stretched, energy pathways opened, and your whole body is glided gently through the water.

K: That sounds amazing (as I am watching another guest experiencing Watsu in the pool beside me). Why would Watsu be beneficial for someone compared to a traditional massage on a table?

J: Traditional massages are great, but with Watsu guests have an enhanced sensory experience. Watsu can touch people on many different levels. It can be peaceful, relaxing, therapeutic, spiritual and playful! I guess multi-dimensional is the word I am looking for. Watsu touches on the release of energy and the spine is really able to open up during Watsu, which is incredibly beneficial for guests. Watsu is used for treating stress, chronic back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and a host of other conditions. It is a profoundly moving and relaxing form of passive aquatic therapy.

K: Watsu sounds wonderful, Janelle! I better let you go; I know you have some guests waiting for their Watsu massage!

And she’s off … off to the pool to start her next appointment for the day!

Watsu is something that needs to be experienced in order to fully understand and that is why I will be suiting up next week to get the full experience! Details still to come! Stay tuned …

Here are some photos I took of a wonderful guest experiencing Watsu:

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