Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Healing Through Loving-Kindness Practice: A Visit From Bhante Sujatha

On May 6 Bhante Sujatha, a Buddhist monk from the Blue Lotus Temple in Woodstock, IL, will be visiting Glen Ivy Hot Springs to teach guests a yoga and meditation class. Sujatha, a Buddhist monk for over 30 years, has taught around the globe to those wishing to learn the art of happiness and contentment through meditation. The teaching is centered around the cultivation of self love and the activities include: "What is Loving-Kindness?" and how to practice it.

Some other benefits of this beautiful workshop include:
  • Reduced stress, anxiety, worry, and depression
  • Healing and enhancing relationships with others
  • Gaining a sense of empowerment over challenging issues in your life
  • Insights into your life purpose
  • Awakening to the blessings of the present moment
  • Attaining unshakable inner peace

Make sure you join Bhante Sujatha for a Yoga class at 10am followed by a meditation class at 11am on May 6 at Glen Ivy Hot Springs. Bhante believes his purpose is to not only teach Meditation but also to "teach people how to be happy." For more information on Bhante and the Blue Lotus Temple click here.

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