Monday, February 22, 2010

Lymphatic Drainage & Organ Detox

Do the words "drainage" and "organ detox" make you feel a little uneasy? Well you aren't alone because I felt the same way. But after having heard the wonderful, healthful benefits of lymphatic drainage and organ detox, I sat down with Glen Ivy's Primary Massage Therapist Mariah Villalobos to learn more.

Q: What does a lymphatic drainage massage do?
A: Lymphatic drainage is a light massage with a powerful body-wide response. This slow, methodical massage kicks in your parasympathetic nervous system, boosts the immune system, and moves toxins and debris out of your body, promoting regularity.

What is the lymph system?
A: The lymph system is a special component of the circulatory system that is responsible for waste disposal and immune response.

Q: Why is lymphatic drainage massage beneficial?
A: The lymph system does not have a pumping system like our heart, instead lymph (tissue fluid) moves purely from muscular contraction and respiratory movement. Stagnation in the lymph system can result in a variety of health issues including edema, weight gain, poor bowel movements, and disease.

Q: What is Organ Detox?
A: Organ detox is a fabulous addition to lymph drainage, creating the ultimate body cleanse. It is a light massage, similar to lymph drainage, where the abdomen is massaged in a clockwise motion which begins the natural flow of fluids and relaxation.

Q: Who benefits from these types of massages?
A: It's a very positive experience to improve overall health. I'd recommend it for those looking to cleanse the body, promote weight loss, and boost the immune system, and also for those that have just started a new diet or exercise routine, for those experiencing poor bowel movements or suffering from chronic illness.

Q: What Glen Ivy services would you recommend?
A: You would want to book an 80 minute Custom Massage. Make sure that you communicate when making the reservation that you would like Lymphatic Drainage so we can place you with the appropriate therapist and also continue the open communication with your therapist regarding your current health situation and goals.

Make sure and stop by the Winter Lounge at the Hot Springs on Saturday, February 27 at 1:00pm to listen to Mariah go more in depth about improving health and wellness through massage .

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