Friday, January 16, 2009

Two for one admission

Recently I had the pleasure of working with writer/blogger Jenna Robbins. Jenna writes a Southern California Travel column on and wrote a great article about the current two for one admission rate at Glen Ivy Hot Springs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. She also included one of my favorite pictures of a guest coating herself in our red clay mud.

Check out the article and be sure to leave a comment for Jenna - perhaps like her you were also a mudpie chef at a young age?!

Southern California Travel Examiner: Travel Deal: Two-for-one admission to Glen Ivy Hot Springs spa Posted using ShareThis

As well, you can find Jenna's blog link on the lower right-hand side of this page under "My Blog List."

Happy Friday!


  1. Glen Ivy in Corona is wonderful! I went once last year, for my friend's birthday (a group of us had a girls day out). You are lucky to work in such a tranquil environment!

  2. It most definitely is! I went on a hike yesterday with my boss and was able to get an amazing view of the spa nestled in green palm trees - it is truly amazing to work in such a beautiful oasis!

  3. Great idea to start this here blog Jennifer! Yes, Glen Ivy is a beautiful place to work... I enjoyed being there for 8 years... a lot of great memories and friends made for sure. You asked what I did while I was there... a little of everything... cafe to guest services to reservations to accounting. I do miss starting the day off in those surroundings... a walk around the grounds did wonders for me. Enjoy the position and good luck with this blog! =)