Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March MUDness DAY 13

No, yoga did not take place in Club Mud today. That's just Steve ;-)

Glen Ivy is still paintin' the town brown with March MUDness! Today I encountered a muddy human cake, some muddy Glen Ivy billboards and even some muddy out-of-towners.

I even got a glimpse of the stars, moon and sun ... all in Club Mud!

Who's your pick for today?

-Vivian and her guest- -Vicki and her daughter--Tera and her moon and stars--Sylvia and her guest--Yoga Steve--Samantha--Rhonda and her guest--Penny--Nancy--Margerie and her guest--Linda and her family--Kristen and her friend--Kelly and her guest--Karin--Kali and her cousin--Jessica and her guest--Gail's masterpiece--Beryl--Anona-

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