Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March MUDness DAY 7

The sun decided to peek out from the clouds today and so did some guests from inside their cave! I was also full of envy at mud arms buffer than mine (And yes, I work out so I am pretty buff, if I don't say so myself) and wasn't daring enough to brand myself with a Glen Ivy tattoo (Although, the women assured me it wasn't painful).

Today was an eventful day full of masterful minds, mirthful marvels, and well, major mudness!

I am so excited that I ran into so many smiling faces today at March MUDness! But then again, who wouldn't be smiling at the spa?

-Courtney and her guest- -Vanessa and Diana--Sandra--Roger--Mandee and her guest--Kerstin and her guest--Diana--Caroline and her guest--Bekah and her guest--Audra and her party--Ashleigh and her girls-

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