Friday, March 27, 2009

March MUDness DAY 20

It's a bittersweet day- Taking photos for March MUDness is over but now voting begins! We sure did go out with a bang today though! :-)

It was 1:31 pm when I made my way to Club Mud to start taking photos. Sounds of chest beating and roaring echoed the walkway I found myself upon. I was intrigued. Once I turned the corner into the mud area, Karen and her guests surrounded me and that was when I realized what the sound was ;-) See for yourself ...

I also spotted some prehistoric creatures today along with an Angelina Jolie look-a-like. I think I even saw Charlie's Angels in the mud!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in March MUDness! I had a great time and hope you all did as well!

-Elizabeth--Rhonda and her guest- -Maria and her guest--Lynne and her guest--Lara and her angels--Kellen and her guest--Karen and her friends--Kareen and her party--Jeremy and his guest--Francesca and her guest--Aria-

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  1. I like the angelina Jolie/Octomom lips one!