Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Mudder's Day #2

Welcome to the second week of the Mudder's Day contest! The muddy mamas just keep on comin' in! Club Mud was packed with generations of mighty maniacs, muscular mobs and magnificent moments!

Thank you for making muddy memories with us at Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa!

Until next week ...
Stephanie and her group
Shanna and her guest
Wendy and her daughter
Sarah and her guests
Sandra #1 and Sandra #2
Roxanna and her mom
Myra and her mom
Mireya and her mom
Maria and her mom
Lupe and her guests
Leanne and her mom
Jessica and her mom
Jessica and her mom
Elena and her guest
Elena and her mom
Diana and her guests
Diana and her mom
Deandrea and her guest
Claudia and her mom
Cemonn and her mom
Belinda and her mom
Arianna and her mom
Annabelle and her daughter
Alexander and his mom

As well, Glen Ivy Spas honored all mothers on Sunday, May 10th, 2009 by handing out flowers to each lovely lady that walked through the doors!

Here are a few photos from Mother's Day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa:

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