Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Mudder's Day #4

Who knew playing in the mud could be so much fun? Well, I did and so do all those who participated in the last day of the Mudder's Day contest!

For a second today, I thought I was in New York-- minus the parade of taxi cabs, city lights and hot dog stands on every corner of course-- because I was face-to-face with a muddy version of the Statue of Liberty! Impressive Stephanie!

I also ran into a group of girls "muddy-ing their mudder" and even saw Charlie's Muddy Angels today! I saw my fair share of muddy body art as well ;-)

Enjoy the memories...

Yadira and her guests
Tatiana and her mom
Tania and her guest
Susel and her guests
Stephanie and her mom
Sheryl and her daughter
Roseanna and her guest
Marisela and her guests
Margie and her guests
Lori and her daughters
Julie and her daughter
Judy and her daughters
Joanna and her guest
Jennifer and her guest
Cecilia and her guest
Marla and her family (week #3 winner)
Alison and her mom
Adriana and her guests

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