Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Mudder's Day #3

It heated up in Club Mud today but that didn't stop any of our guests from participating in the Mudder's Day contest! We had some guests (cough cough, Jahaida) taste testing the mud, some showing us their mud application process and some flashing their pearly whites with their muddy mom! I think it's safe to say it was an eventful day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa! ;-)

By the way, if the Fryman family (see below) starred in a movie, I think their muddy photograph could be the movie poster. Thoughts?

Next Wednesday, May 27th, 2009, is the last day to enter the Mudder's Day contest-- then voting begins! Be sure to grab your mom and head to Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa for the last day of the contest! We'll see you in the mud!
Rachel and her mom
Michelle and her friends
Michele and Barbara
Marla and her daughter
The Fryman family
Lindsey and her mom
Leticia and her mom
Jahaida and Maria
Gayle and her daughter
Dona and her mom
Deandrea and her friends
Cindy and her daughter
Angelica and her sister


  1. Fryman's rocked GIHS!!!

  2. Fryman family!

  3. These R great photos ; it all looks so fun and relaxing !

  4. All the photos were great! And yes Greg, it is fun! I know I am having a fun time and I am BEHIND the camera!