Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Grotto Contest

Going Green has never felt so right!

Today, one of Glen Ivy's own Grotto Girls, Misty, painted herself up and made her way throughout the spa to take photos with everyone! I heard some great ways that guests go green-- my favorite? Turning half the lights on in the classroom (by Dena)! Not only is Dena being green but she is teaching her kids to be green as well! Way to go!

We are one day away from Earth Day! Are you ready? We are-- Glen Ivy will be giving each guest a Glen Ivy recyclable bag tomorrow (while supplies last)! It can be used for groceries, traveling trips, a fashion statement or, my favorite, SHOPPING!

See you in the GROTTO tomorrow!

"I recycle as much as possible!"
"I am very green! I grow veggies, reduce the use of water bottles ... "
"I use plastic bags!"
"I go green by recycling paper, turning on half the lights in the classroom and using special light bulbs."
"We use bags for grocery shopping!"
"I buy recycled clothes, buy in bulk and buy organic produce. My trash cans are only 1/8 full, always!"
"I wash plastic utensils and don't use paper plates!"Rosie
"I do not use chemicals in my home."

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