Friday, April 10, 2009

Stress-reducing tips from Glen Ivy Professionals

At Glen Ivy we know that adopting a spa lifestyle offers many ways to reduce stress everyday, at home, at work, and of course, at the SPA! Try some of these stress-reducing tips from Glen Ivy Professionals:

- Aromatherapy. Soothe your senses with scents that put you at ease. Use candles, lotions, or oils in your bath. Also, keep your favorite scented hand lotion in your bag for a quick pick me up, wherever, whenever.

- Take a bath. The warmth and floating sensation is a relaxing way to wash your stresses away.

- Exercise. And when you can’t break away, take 5 minutes to really stretch out your body. You’d be surprised how much tension is released!

- Eat lunch away from your desk. Lunch should be a micro-vacation from your work day. It should be relaxing and enjoyable. So when your lunch hour comes, enjoy a nice salad or sandwich and don't work!

- Bring elements of the spa into your home. Keep Glen Ivy's Lavender and Eucalyptus Body Products around your house to infuse your day with the rejuvenating moments of a spa experience!

Hope you enjoyed these first few tips - check back next week for more!

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