Tuesday, April 14, 2009

S.E.E.D.s of Change

In gratitude for the wonderful gift of warm water and for all that the Earth gives us, Glen Ivy strives to be as environmentally conscious as possible. To spearhead our green efforts is a volunteer group of employees that are passionate about preserving the Earth known as Sustaining Earth’s Environment Daily, or as we affectionately refer to them: S.E.E.D.

To date, S.E.E.D. has made some great changes and accomplishments at Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa. Here are a few:
  • Implemented a spa-wide recycling program for guests and employees
  • Built 8 birdhouses around the spa to provide homes for Western Bluebirds
  • Eradicated Tamarisk Trees, which endanger the native plants and trees in Coldwater Canyon. This allows native trees and plants to thrive, thereby keeping the animals and insects that live here safe, happy and healthy too
  • Removed the use of all Styrofoam products throughout the spa
  • Created incentive programs for ridesharing and carpooling
  • Replaced 8 urinals with waterless urinals
  • Installed drinking fountains to reduce plastic cup usage around the spa
  • Consolidated vendors to reduce carbon emissions from delivery trucks
  • Use all drain water to water the landscaping and then drain into natural aquifer
Another “seed” worth noting is that Glen Ivy is a Founding Seed Spa in the Green Spa Network committed to promoting sustainable best practices in the spa industry.

We shared our list – now you share yours!

If you’re passionate about being green, we’d love to hear ways that you’re making a difference at home or at work, tips you think everyone should know, and any suggestions you have for the spa!

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  1. I love Glen Ivy my daughter and I go a few times a year to pamper ourselves for our birthdays. The only suggestion I have is regarding your menu items. Due to health reason, I cannot eat meat, seafood, dairy or bread (celiac). The last time I was there, I ordered a salad but asked for no chicken or cheese, I was told that the salads are pre made, and I would have to scrape the chicken & cheese off...gross! It would be nice to have a salad that I don't have to scrape ingredients that I paid for off. However, I ended up ordering an avocado sandwich and scraped the veggies off of the bread. :-) I still had a great time. I love everything about Glen Ivy, but would just like some vegan options. Thank you!!!!