Monday, April 20, 2009

More Stress-reducing Tips from Glen Ivy Professionals

We hope everyone is having a stress-free April! Here are a few more stress-reducing tips for you to use in your daily life:

Take a mental break. Sometimes a minute of peace and quiet will do the trick. If you are getting stressed and overwhelmed, stop what you are doing and go outside. Often times a change of scenery will calm you down.

Turn on some tunes. It is said that the right music can lower blood pressure, relax your body and calm your mind. So if your stress level is reaching its high point, find some music that will put you at ease.

Laugh with a friend. Smiling can sometimes make us feel happy and relaxed. So call that friend that you know can put a smile across your face!

Create a mantra. Coming up with a short, positive statement can help you to center yourself. For example, when your life seems to be a catastrophe, saying “I am strong,” ten times might put you at ease.

Read a good book. Putting your mind into an activity as peaceful as reading a good book can help you to reduce your stress level. Grab that book and a nice blanket, and give yourself that much needed 20 minute break!

Hope you all enjoyed these stress-reducing tips! Please share your tips with us-- we want to know how you reduce stress in your every day life!

Always remember, take time out of your day ... FOR YOU! You deserve it!

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